Photos Page One

At Hatt Farm - Loaded up and ready to leave. 22-5-04

Radio Interview as we are leaving

Family and Rotary Friends wishing us farewell at Lands End.

Rotary Farewell

On our way at last.

Yep, this is really farewell.

First night Pit Stop at Truro 23-5-04.

What a view - Mike on the top of Kit Hill 24-5-04.

On Dartmoor - Mike getting some TLC from Maurice
with the sun screen.

Mike on his least favorite day climbing hills
in Dartmoor  25-5-04

Filming with Wiltshire TV at Bristol Airport 26-5-04

Mike on the Severn Bridge 27-5-04

 Diane on the Severn Bridge 27-5-04

Pit stop at Kendal and a change of support
team here 30-5-04

About to climb Shap - it was not really
as bad as expected 31-5-04

Diane and....

Mike - A wet arrival in Scotland 01-6-04


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